Satellite Projects

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Gallery of processed satellite data

By Mati Kahru, mkahru (AT) (replace At with @ if sending email)

       ASTER 15-m data

       Available satellite imagery

         Baltic RGB images of 2012 - looking for cyanobacteria blooms

         Blooms: Global changes in phytoplankton bloom magnitude detected with ocean color data


Anomalies of SST and Chlorophyll-a in the California Current

       California merged 4-km datasets

       Full-resolution satellite time series of the California Current area

   Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) time series in the California Current

   Gallery of best daily Chl-a images of the California Current

         Chlorophyll dynamics off Point Reyes, California

         Chlorophyll variability in the California Current

       Chlorophyll dynamics in the Santa Barbara Basin

       Red tide off Southern California

       MODIS images of California fires

       OLCI - evaluation of first images in the California Current

         Primary Production in the California Current

         Sea Level Anomalies off California

         Pacific Ocean

       Large-scale variability in the North Pacific

         Southern Ocean

       Chlorophyll dynamics in Ona Basin

       Merged chlorophyll-a time series for the Drake Passage area

          Drake Passage

         Full-resolution satellite time series of the Crozet Islands area

         Gallery of best daily Chl-a images in Drake Passage

         Front detection for the Southern Ocean

       Kerguelen images

         Sea-ice dynamics of the Scotia Sea

         Sea Level Anomalies in Scotia Sea

         Southern Ocean chlorophyll algorithm


               Benguela merged 4-km datasets

          Detection of phytoplankton groups in European waters using satellite images

       Effects of Clouds on Availability of Ocean Color Data

         MODIS 250-m data

         Monthly global dataset of SST and Chlor-a

         Satellite detection of HABs

         Winds and Chl


Processing of drifter data

       Chen Xi Master Thesis (1999)